My Career to Homoeopathy


Susanne Nyffenegger

qualified homoeopath SkHZ


My Career to Homoeopathy


I have always had an interest in the field of medicine and human health. After many years of experience as a dental hygienist I wanted to go one step further and treat primarily the underlying conditions allowing a disease to develop instead of fighting against isolated symptoms. By reading books about alternative dental medicine I got to know homoeopathy. Soon, I became aware that I wanted to study Classical Homoeopathy and make it my second profession. Until today, I have not regretted my decision. I am still intrigued by the amazing effects of homoeopathic remedies.


Professional Career


2013 - to date supervision at the Zurich School of Classical Homoeopathy with                                                     Urs Maurer

2018                seminar acute physical traumas by Aleksandar Stefanovic

2017                seminar psychiatric diagnoses by Dr. med. Hansjörg Heé

2017                course treatment of acute hay fever by Romeo Keller

2017                seminar throat-nose-ear diseases by Dr. Joachim Mayer-Brix

2016                course Euphorbiaceae by Felix Morgenthaler

2016                course homoeopathic treatment of plants by Cornel Stutz

2016                course magnesium-salts by Ose Hein

2016                seminar rheumatic diseases by Urs Maurer

2015                course trauma sensitive approach by Renata Hanselmann

2013                seminar skin diseases by Roland Methner

2012                seminar homoeopathic treatment of adolescents by

                         Dr. med. Hansjörg Hée

2010 - 2013    degree in Classical Homoeopathy at the Zurich School of Classical                                                 Homoeopathy (SkHZ)

2009 - 2011    training course in western medicine at the Biomedica School Zürich

2003                Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency

1999 - 2002    degree in dental hygiene at the School of Dental Hygiene Zurich Nord 

1991                Alliance Française certificate 

1986 - 1989    apprenticeship as a commercial amployee